Trudeau says he’s now totally pro-choice, personal abortion views evolved

QUEBEC — Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says he is no longer opposed in any way to abortion, going back on a personal position he staked out in 2011.

Trudeau said Friday he has moved on from his previously held stance of being against abortion itself but supporting a woman’s right to choose.

Though Trudeau has faced questions on abortion during the election campaign, this was the first time since it kicked off that he directly addressed his personal opinions on the issue.

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Trudeau’s comments come a day after his chief rival, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, said he is against abortion but will oppose any efforts to legislate against it.

Scheer was known to be anti-abortion in the past but he had previously avoided calls to clarify his stance during the campaign, including a pummelling from other leaders about his current point of view during Wednesday’s French leaders debate.

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Trudeau said the question now facing Canadians is whether they believe Scheer will stand up for women’s rights.

Asked last month whether he was still personally against abortion, Trudeau did not mention that his view had changed, stating “that every woman in Canada gets to choose what she does with her own body, with her own reproductive rights.”

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Diners asked the Liberal leader about everything from cellphone bills and environmental protection to how often he sees his kids and what he eats the campaign trail.

“We buy sandwiches… and pizza — but not too often,” Trudeau said, turning to his 10-year-old daughter.

The Liberal leader was slated to make a stop in Rimouski, Que., before continuing on to Ottawa Friday evening.

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