Thousands of women say they have breast implant illness. What is it?

Every time Johnna Bryson sits up after lying down, she experiences sharp pain in her chest.She says it feels like an “elephant is sitting on her chest,” and it happens whenever she reclines for longer than 10 minutes.Story continues belowThe 26-year-old had breast augmentation for medical reasons when she was 17, and, at first, the implants helped boost her confidence. But in the last year three years, things have changed and Bryson now believes her implants are linked to her health issues.READ MORE: How safe are breast implants? Women warn of risks, share their symptomsOn top of severe chest pain, Bryson says she has decreased cognitive function and brain fog. She’s also experienced swelling on her left breast, fatigue and sudden weight loss and says she is constantly sick with viruses.When Bryson brought her symptoms to the surgeon who performed her augmentation in April, he laughed off her concerns: he refused to believe her ailments had anything to do with her implants, she said.Since then, the nursing student has been going to appointments with specialists, looking for answers. She recently visited a new surgeon who has been taking her pain more seriously.WATCH: Hundreds of women join class-action lawsuit against breast implants

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