8th vaping-related death reported in U.S. as cases of illnesses top 500

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said 530 confirmed and probable cases have been reported in 38 states and one U.S. territory, up from 380 a week ago.

World not prepared for the next big pandemic: report

A group of international health experts says the world needs to do more to prepare for the next big pandemic, or suffer the consequences.

Teen birth control pill use linked to adult depression, but don’t ditch them yet: experts

This isn’t the first time researchers have looked at a possible link between the two, but one expert says women should take the study with a grain of salt.

North Carolina sues 8 e-cigarette makers for allegedly fuelling ‘vaping epidemic’ among teens

North Carolina attorney general Josh Stein, who sued Juul back in May, claims the companies “unlawfully entice young people to become addicted to their harmful products.”

‘Solve the problem at home’: U.S. plan to import cheaper drugs from Canada draws criticism

The Canadian Pharmacists Associations is among those raising concerns about the Trump administration’s announcement.

Canada’s drug supply threatened by growing U.S. demand, groups argue

Sen. Bernie Sanders, a Democrat presidential candidate, has announced plans to accompany diabetics this weekend to Canada to buy life-saving insulin, which costs roughly one-10th the price here than in the States.

Lack of breastfeeding costs global economy nearly $1B every day: researchers

A new website developed by researchers in Canada and Asia showed that the world could have saved $341 billion each year if mothers breastfeed their children for longer, helping prevent early deaths and various diseases.

Second-hand harm from alcohol ‘extremely prevalent’ according to new study

The study found that women were more likely to be harmed by a spouse, partner or family member, while men were more likely to be harmed by a stranger.