Mother who had multiple miscarriages reflects on Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day

“I think we hear about miscarriage and we kind of know what it means, but we don’t necessarily know what it means for the particular person.”

‘Unintended consequences’: Why taking patients off opioids quickly can be dangerous

New opioid-prescribing guidelines are often misinterpreted by doctors, experts say, causing patients harm.

Vast majority of workers with mental health issues keep it secret from their boss: study

Employees cited stigma and fear of professional consequences as reasons why they don’t talk about mental health.

More versions of Zantac recalled over exposure to cancer-linked chemical

Several drug companies were ordered to stop distribution earlier this month by Health Canada – another four more have also received the order.

Vegans, vegetarians may have higher risk of stroke — but experts argue balance is key

Without balance, vegans and vegetarians often end up having unhealthy diets.

Children get headaches — here’s what parents can do

Approximately 50 per cent of children will experience a headache during their childhood.

The opposition at Montreal city hall wants to make cycling safer for children

Opposition leader Lionel Perez said he will ask the mayor to make helmets mandatory for riders under the age of 18.

What is ovulation? What you need to know about your cycle

“Unfortunately, I don’t think most women understand this process. Neither do men,” one expert said.

Teen birth control pill use linked to adult depression, but don’t ditch them yet: experts

This isn’t the first time researchers have looked at a possible link between the two, but one expert says women should take the study with a grain of salt.