Mother who had multiple miscarriages reflects on Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day

“I think we hear about miscarriage and we kind of know what it means, but we don’t necessarily know what it means for the particular person.”

‘Unintended consequences’: Why taking patients off opioids quickly can be dangerous

New opioid-prescribing guidelines are often misinterpreted by doctors, experts say, causing patients harm.

Vast majority of workers with mental health issues keep it secret from their boss: study

Employees cited stigma and fear of professional consequences as reasons why they don’t talk about mental health.

Yukon introduces stricter vaping laws, raises smoking age to 19

Health Minister Pauline Frost says the proposed legislation is part of the territory’s ongoing efforts to discourage the use of the addictive and harmful products.

Trudeau says he’s now totally pro-choice, personal abortion views evolved

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau said he realized there’s a contradiction between being opposed to abortion itself but supporting a woman’s right to choose to have one.

Recalls over cooked chicken products expanded amid listeria outbreak probe

The products affected are sold under various brand names, and some may have been sold all across Canada. 

Does cold weather make you sick?

Getting the flu shot is the best thing you can do to protect yourself (and others) at this time of year.

More versions of Zantac recalled over exposure to cancer-linked chemical

Several drug companies were ordered to stop distribution earlier this month by Health Canada – another four more have also received the order.