Sharing details of mass killings on social media, online gaming sites ‘an emerging trend’: experts

Cybersecurity expert Daniel Tobok said he wasn’t surprised when he heard that quadruple homicide suspect Menhaz Zaman allegedly shared the details of the killings in on an online gaming chat group, called Perfect World, before and after the murders.“There’s been an emerging trend in the past five to seven years,” said Tobok.Story continues below“What we’re seeing today is, with a lot of the social media platforms, a gateway — [to] have a new way to communicate your message, have a lot of viewers either commenting or being a part of that.”Tobok adds that the world of gaming has ‘exploded’ over the past few years, and even though most of the online chatter is about gameplay, people have started using it as a platform to discuss more heinous activities.READ MORE: Man charged in 4 Markham murders allegedly posts graphic details of deaths online“It’s really what I call the new soapbox,” said Tobok.“You can really attract more viewers that can listen to your message. If you go downstairs and you start communicating something, only 20 to 30 people will hear you. But if you go online, you have up to thousands, hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of viewers.”WATCH: Markham man charged with 4 counts of first-degree murder after allegedly killing family

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