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Polar S-Series Heart Rate Monitors


Polar S-series heart rate monitors are the ideal training tool for athletes, advanced exercisers, triathletes, and for coaches. The S-series heart rate monitors guide you through each workout, providing feedback and helping you to train efficiently and effectively. With features such as lap splits, infrared download to computer, cycling functions, exercise sets, interval functions, recovery functions and more, the S-series heart rate monitors are the perfect training companion.

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Polar S-625 heart rate monitorPolar S-625X
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All the heart rate, running and cycling data right on your wrist. Delivers continuous running speed without relying on where satellites are positioned. With the optional cycling and power sensors and enhanced training tools like the Polar OwnOptimizer recovery test, plus altitude and ascent for route profile
Polar S-725 heart rate monitor Polar S-725X
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With a carbon fiber look -- a omplete cycling system combining heart rate with speed, distance, altitude, ascent, cadence and optional power output. Mobile connectivity and Polar OwnOptimizer™ recovery test. Measure speed and distance with the optional Polar S1™ Foot Pod. Record, then download via Infrared directly to your PC.


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