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Polar S-3 Stride Sensor


Polar S-3 Stride Sensor

Polar S-3 Stride Sensor
Price: $149.95
Ship Wt: 2 lbs


Note: We do not ship Polar products outside the USA

Polar S3 Stride Sensor for the RS800/SD heart rate monitors. Polar S3 Stride Sensor W.I.N.D. features nano technology for highly consistent and accurate speed and distance measurement. It is water resistant, comes with a user replaceable battery and is compatible with Adidas adiStar Fusion running shoe.

Going beyond speed and distance to provide insight into the running stride itself, the s3 stride sensor is a durable light-weight module that measures just 55 x 39 x 14mm.

It can be mounted securely and unobtrusively to training shoe laces or placed inside the specially designed mid-sole cavity in the adidas Fusion running shoe.

The S3 stride sensor is activated automatically by the RS800 wrist unit at the beginning of a training session and transmits speed, distance and cadence data to the RS800 wrist unit using Polar W.I.N.D. 2.4GHz wireless transmission technology.

The S3 stride sensor has user changeable battery with a minimum lifetime of 50 hours during normal use. Remaining battery life can be checked remotely with the Polar ProTrainer 5™ PC software. Low battery warnings will also be displayed on the RS800 wrist unit.

Polar S3 stride sensor is the most effective technology for tracking realtime pace, distance and cadence.