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Polar F-55 Heart Rate Monitors

Polar F-55 in Red
Polar F-55 in Red
(slightly smaller size strap)
Polar F-55 in Bronze Rock
Polar F-55 in Bronze Rock
(standard sized strap)

Polar F-55 Heart Rate Monitors
Price: $219.95
Ship Wt: 2 lbs.

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Optional USB2 IR Interface, Add $59.95



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Polar F-55 in Ice
Polar F-55 in Ice
(slightly smaller size strap)

The brand new Polar F55 heart rate monitors are your companion in all aspects of fitness training. It guides you to balanced well-being by providing a holistic combination of cardio training, muscular strength training, and relaxation related features. Colors available are the ladies red model (smaller strap) and a gentleman's Bronze Rock Model (standard sized strap)..

Polar F55 heart rate monitors create both cardio and strength conditioning programs for how much, how hard, and how long to exercise.  Optimize your cardio & strength conditioning including, weight loss, and calories burned.  The Polar F55 heart rate monitor saves your exercise data for upload to the Polar website. You can track your progress, total exercise time, sets, reps, time spent in target zone, total calories burned and more. 

The F55 features 'Keep U Fit' (cardio) and Body Workout (resistance) programs and can also prescribe a total body fitness program (CV and resistance) for the user. Alternatively, just a Cardio program or just a Resistance program.

For muscular strength conditioning:  The Polar Body Workout"  program recommends muscular strength training exercises, counts sets, repetitions, and weights recommendations. 17 different exercises can be add or removed. Body workout can be edited to meet your goals exercise diary is included. 

For cardio conditioning:  The Polar F55 heart rate monitor  "Keeps U Fit" cardio conditioning program recommends how often, how hard, and how long to reach your cardio fitness goals. Polar F55  features the OwnIndex  fitness test, relaxation level, and more (see below). 

The F55  OwnZone feature automatically calculates your cardio training zones. And the Polar Own Code feature eliminates "crosstalk" from other nearby heart rate monitors. Uploads data to Polar website for review and analysis via "Sonic Link". 

Comes with Wearlink soft-fabric transmitter belt - with user changeable  batteries. The Standard size F-55 is in Bronze Rock or Lava.   The F-55 in Red or Ice has a slightly smaller size -- designed for women.

  • Polar Keeps U Fit - Own Workout Program
  • Polar OwnRelax
  • Polar Body Workout
  • Features the Polar WearLink coded transmitter
  • Wireless ECG accurate heart rate
  • Enhanced OwnZone function
  • OwnCode: interference-free encoded transmission to receiver
  • OwnIndex function: personal fitness test that determines your optimum training levels
  • OwnCal function: calculates calorie expenditure and percentage of fat burned during exercise
  • Polar Fitness Test
  • Fitness Bullets (for each 10 minutes in target zone)
  • Target zones with visual and audible alarm
  • Recording Features:
  • Displays heart rate in beats per minute
  • Automatic and adjustable heart rate limits
  • Water resistant to 50 meters
  • Backlight
  • Watch Features:
    • Time of day (12/24 h) with alarm
    • Dual time zone
    • Date and weekday indicator
    • Stopwatch
    • Exercise Reminder (visual/alarm)
    • Low Battery Indicator
    • KeyLock
    • Graphical Target zone Indicator
  • 2 year warranty
  • Includes WearLink chest transmitter & strap


Polar WearLink transmitterPolar WearLink Transmitter

The WearLink Transmitter is the first and only soft transmitter, combining superior Polar technology with a new fabric design. The electrodes, which pick up the heart's signals, are engineered right into the fabric strap. The result is a superior fit for any body shape, providing revolutionary comfort and full freedom of movement.

The Polar coded technology ensures that the user picks up only their heart signal and not the signal of another nearby heart rate monitor. Interference from any other heart rate monitors nearby is eliminated and an accurate signal is ensured.

The WearLink transmitter allows you to change batteries -- this new design allows Polar to deliver the first true lifetime transmitter. The reason this design is superior to other changeable battery designs lies in the fabric transmitter strap.

The WearLink fabric strap, which holds the electrodes, can be replaced at a minimal cost. In competitive changeable battery designs, the electrodes are housed within the transmitter. So after numerous battery changes, the entire transmitter must be replaced, costing $35 or more. With WearLink, you make battery changes due to the lower power consumption of the Polar technology -- and when the electrodes are worn, simply replace the strap. This makes the Polar design much more cost effective and longer lasting.

The WearLink is water resistant, while the traditional once-piece design of the Polar T-31 and T-61 are 100% water proof (the only 100% water proof transmitters on the market today). While the WearLink is water resistant, we recommend the traditional Polar design for any water sports.

The new WearLink transmitter has a battery changeable design and offers the reliability that Polar customers have come to expect.

  • Fabric strap attaches to small fabric transmitter
  • User changeable batteries - battery life approximately 2 years with normal use
  • Replaceable fabric strap with encased electrodes - life of strap = 100 washings
  • Water resistant
  • Available exclusively with the M-31, M-32, M-61, M-62
  • Elastic Strap attaches to one-piece sealed plastic transmitter
  • Long life battery sealed in transmitter (2500 hours or 4-6 years)
  • Replacement transmitter after 4-6 years of use (T-31 and T-61)
  • Waterproof to 25 meters
  • T-31 - for A-series S-120 and S-150
  • T-61 - for all S-series heart rate monitors

Optional Polar IR Interface, Add $39.95
Optional Polar USB2 IR Interface

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