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Polar CS-Seres Cycling Computers / Heart Rate Monitors


The new Polar CS series cycling computers combine all the features of a top of the line heart rate monitor with the most important cycling features. There is a Polar CS cycling computer available no matter what level cyclist you are -- from amateur to pro!

Polar CS100 & CS100B Polar CS100 & CS100B
Wireless Polar CS Speed Sensor, Innovative Estimated Time of Arrival feature, with Speed Pointer, OwnCal, OwnZone, OwnCode and more. With speed sensor and bike mount. CS100 version also includes a T-31 coded transmitter.
from $79.95
Polar CS200 & CS200CADPolar CS200 & CS200CAD
The Polar CS200 and CS200-CAD cycling computer / heart rate monitor features double wireless speed AND cadence - not to mention a built in heart rate monitor. Comes with CS speed sensor, bike mount and Wearlink coded transmitter. CAD version also comes with CS cadence sensor
from $149.95
Polar CS300 Polar CS300
Tracks cycling calories burned both per hour and per km, calculates estimated time of arrival, Cycle features: trip, distance, cadence-based target zones, distance-based interval and recovery measurement, and wheel size settings for two bikes.
Polar CS400 Polar CS400
Track your ride with wireless sensors, prepare your detailed training program with the Polar ProTrainer 5™ software and use the Incline measurement to adjust your cycling effort accordingly. With Wireless Polar CS Speed Sensor, Cycling Intensity, Estimated Time of Arrival and more.
Polar CS600 & CS600-POWERPolar CS600 & CS600-POWER
The Polar CS600 and Polar CS600-POWER cycling computer / heart rate monitor is for both the professional cyclist and for the cyclist who wants to ride with the best.  The Polar CS600 with the updated Power Output Sensor™ W.I.N.D is the market’s most complete cycling system to plan, monitor and analyze your training. Available with power output sensor
from $399.95

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