Polar is the number one choice in heart rate monitors among consumers, coaches and personal trainers worldwide. Whether you're a walker, a runner, a fitness buff, a cyclist, a triathlete or a professional athlete, Polar has the right heart monitor to meet your needs. With a range of features to meet different fitness and training goals, Polar matches the product to your sport or exercise regimen.

Which Polar heart rate monitor is right for you?

Continous heart rate monitoring to pace you through your exercise program

Weight Management
Continuous heart rate monitoring to measure your exercise intensity. With calorie and target zone features.

Continuous heart rate monitoring to measure your exercise intensity and pace.

Continuous heart rate displayed for exercise intensity, plus memory storage and laps/splits on most modes.

Features for both runners and cyclists including memory storage and laps/split on most models

Advanced cycling features that can be enhanced with the Cadence Meter and Power Kit on most models

Cardiac Rehab
Keeps you in the correct target zone for the correct intensity and heart benefits

Athletes / Coaches
The most advanced heart rate monitors available today with all the features professional athletefs and coaches depend upon.

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