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Polar AXN-Series Heart Rate Monitors / Sports Watches

Polar A-Series heart rate monitors are designed for beginning to intermediate exercisers new to heart rate monitoring. These models are designed to be easily integrated into everyday workouts

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Polar AXN-300Polar AXN-300
Keep track of your runs with the Slope counter, check your pace down the mountain or up the rock with the Vertical speed feature, and the barometer allows you to track the changing weather. With OwnIndex fitness test and OwnCal. In Yellow or Black
Polar AXN-500Polar AXN-500
When the terrain is tough, when the weather turns, when you need accurate bearings to guide you, the new Polar AXN500 Outdoor Computer will get you there and back again. All of the features of the Polar AXN300, plus a compass for directional information, the WearLink transmitter, and a sleek stainless steel design.

Polar AXN-700Polar AXN-700
With heart rate rest test to determine if your body is acclimated to extreme conditions. With a titanium case, the Polar AXN700 ensures your ready for whatever nature throws at you. With Altitude, Vertical speed, Barometer, ECG accurate heart rate, Electronic compass


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