’I’ll swear for you’: GTA mother searches for Vancouver nurse who cursed, cared for her

Marci Warhaft sits in her living room flipping through two thick hospital files, 19 years after they were written up.The GTA mother of two is searching desperately for a nurse in British Columbia who cared for her during her darkest days.“I have never forgotten her,” she said.Warhaft was five and a half months pregnant with her second son after multiple miscarriages, when she went to hospital feeling sick in January 2000.Story continues belowREAD MORE: Tears flowed when a nurse met the B.C. artists behind the song she sang to a dying womanEventually she was rushed to Vancouver General Hospital where she would remain for weeks.“I remember the doctor saying that when they cut me open, I looked like a tiger because my insides were black and orange with bacteria,” she explained. “It was something called clostridium difficile, which is C. diff for short.”Warhaft was gravely ill.“Unfortunately it [had] progressed too far and so I started third-spacing, which meant my organs started filling with fluid and so my organs started shutting down,” Warhaft said. “And that led to kidney failure and respiratory failure and then I got pneumonia and then I got the superbug MRSA.”One particularly difficult night remains a vivid memory all these years later.National Nurses Week

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