Couple say they were forced to give up babies after alleged IVF mixup

A New York couple who underwent in vitro fertilization (IVF) in 2018 allege they have been left childless after discovering they carried two babies to term with someone else’s embryos.Story continues belowAccording to CNN, the unnamed couple — both of Asian descent — realized something was wrong when the mother gave birth to two non-Asian babies in March.A DNA test determined that the babies weren’t related to A.P. or Y.Z. (as they are referred to in court documents), nor were they related to one another. In fact, the babies were offspring of two separate clients of the CHA Fertility Center in Los Angeles.READ MORE: Licence revoked for Ottawa fertility doctor who inseminated women with own spermThe couple has since filed a civil lawsuit against the clinic, alleging they were forced to give the babies up to their respective biological parents. The couple also claims the clinic knew about the mistake but tried to cover it up throughout the pregnancy. Global News has not been able to independently examine the lawsuit in question.According to the lawsuit, the pair struggled with infertility for six years, at which point they decided to undergo IVF — a treatment that cost them more than US$100,000.The cost includes charges for the facility, specialist and doctors fees, as well as medication, lab expenses and travel costs. The couple had to travel from New York to Los Angeles for the treatment.READ MORE: ‘It was very overwhelming’ — LGBTQ2 couple opens up about journey to have childrenThe couple initiated treatment in January 2018, undergoing months of medicine and tests — a process that yielded eight viable female embryos.A.P. attempted to have an embryo implanted at the same clinic in July of that year, but it didn’t work. The couple tried again in August, thawing two more embryos, and by September, A.P. was pregnant.The pair were “ecstatic,” according to court documents, but the feeling didn’t last long. Multiple ultrasounds suggested the couple were expecting twin boys, which didn’t make sense because the couple only had female embryos.WATCH BELOW: Understanding the process of egg freezing from a fertility expert

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