Mother who had multiple miscarriages reflects on Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day

“I think we hear about miscarriage and we kind of know what it means, but we don’t necessarily know what it means for the particular person.”

Trudeau says he’s now totally pro-choice, personal abortion views evolved

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau said he realized there’s a contradiction between being opposed to abortion itself but supporting a woman’s right to choose to have one.

Canadian Paediatric Society says climate change could expose children to more health risks

An Edmonton pediatrician is the lead author of a new Canadian Paediatric Society paper that says children’s health is vulnerable to climate change.

Suicide of Quebec provincial police officer a reminder of job’s mental toll

In addition to finding the childrens’ bodies, it was Sûreté du Québec officer Patrick Bigras who arrested Guy Turcotte at the scene, after finding him hiding under a bed.

Couple say they were forced to give up babies after alleged IVF mixup

Now, they’re suing the fertility clinic for “permanent emotional injuries from which they will not recover.”