‘Unintended consequences’: Why taking patients off opioids quickly can be dangerous

New opioid-prescribing guidelines are often misinterpreted by doctors, experts say, causing patients harm.

World not prepared for the next big pandemic: report

A group of international health experts says the world needs to do more to prepare for the next big pandemic, or suffer the consequences.

What is ovulation? What you need to know about your cycle

“Unfortunately, I don’t think most women understand this process. Neither do men,” one expert said.

Teen birth control pill use linked to adult depression, but don’t ditch them yet: experts

This isn’t the first time researchers have looked at a possible link between the two, but one expert says women should take the study with a grain of salt.

Nearly 53,000 sexual assault cases treated by Ontario doctors over 15 years: study

Victims of sexual assault regularly turn up in Ontario emergency rooms, a new study has found.

Lack of breastfeeding costs global economy nearly $1B every day: researchers

A new website developed by researchers in Canada and Asia showed that the world could have saved $341 billion each year if mothers breastfeed their children for longer, helping prevent early deaths and various diseases.

Health Canada warns ‘wakefulness-promoting drug’ may cause fetal harm

The FDA has labelled modafinil as a “wakefulness-promoting drug,” that essentially helps patients with “excessive sleepiness.”

Weight Loss Grants posts customer health information without consent

Weight Loss Grants revealed the personal information without clients’ consent after news reports described how the organization failed to make payments to customers who qualified for the rebates.