Teen birth control pill use linked to adult depression, but don’t ditch them yet: experts

This isn’t the first time researchers have looked at a possible link between the two, but one expert says women should take the study with a grain of salt.

North Carolina sues 8 e-cigarette makers for allegedly fuelling ‘vaping epidemic’ among teens

North Carolina attorney general Josh Stein, who sued Juul back in May, claims the companies “unlawfully entice young people to become addicted to their harmful products.”

Andrew Scheer, Stephen Harper attend memorial for Calgary MP Deepak Obhrai

Calgary member of Parliament Deepak Obhrai died earlier this month from liver cancer.

Here’s how eating artificial preservatives can affect your health

Artificial preservatives can help prevent spoilage and improve appearance and texture, but some have been shown to be bad for our health.

Will weed edge out alcohol? Here’s why there’s no sign of it so far

There’s little evidence so far of many people drinking less to make room for legal cannabis, largely because people use the substances in different ways.

Canadian Paediatric Society says climate change could expose children to more health risks

An Edmonton pediatrician is the lead author of a new Canadian Paediatric Society paper that says children’s health is vulnerable to climate change.

The stigma of more children after one is sick: Why some parents feel guilty

“It’s important to get to the bottom of that issue so the parent doesn’t feel like the cause of that issue,” said one doctor.