Canadian life expectancy has stopped rising because of the opioid crisis: Statistics Canada

For the first time in decades, Canadians’ life expectancy has stopped increasing.

Why is the C-section rate still climbing in Canada?

Every year the rate of delivering a baby via surgery continues to climb and is far above the ideal rate put forward by the World Health Organization.

Some parents turn to bleach to ‘cure’ autism — why these myths are still rampant

YouTube removed the videos but some reports claim they are still easily accessible.

Calgary announcement sees feds pledge $24.5M to fund cannabis use research

Minister Bill Blair announced funding for Canada-based research into cannabis use, research into the impact of legalized cannabis on public health and public awareness projects.

‘End the shame’: Abortion bans in U.S. prompt surge in activism, protests

Abortions rights activists are seeing a spike in support and say, “Alabama was a tipping point.”

Calgarian helping tennis star Maria Sharapova get back on her feet

Calgary massage therapist and conditioning coach, Marcin Goszczynski, has helped many high profiles recover athletes from injuries and now his focus is on Maria Sharapova and her troubled right shoulder.

‘Bubbles’ steps in to help Trailer Park Boys fan suffering from severe chronic pain

Mike Smith, better known as Bubbles from the Trailer Park Boys, has set up an online crowdfunding campaign to help a die-hard fan living with chronic pain.

Like mother, like child: Living with the same disease as your mom

For some, Mother’s Day is a reminder to remember the powerful medical journeys they face with their parents.

‘It shouldn’t have happened’: Baby allegedly strangled to death by teething necklace

Experts vehemently warn against the use of teething necklaces for babies, citing the dangers of strangulation and choking.